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Kawasaki KX80-A1

Kawasaki KX80-A1

  • Sold
  • Year: 1979
  • Mileage: 1,000

Kawasaki KX80-A1

  • Price: £
  • Year: 1979
  • Mileage: 1,000

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A desirable first edition 1979 Kawasaki KX80-A1 motocross bike.

Bursting on the motocross scene in 1979 the KX80 was aimed as an entry level machine, slightly bigger than its competitors, it featured a torquey two stroke engine, five speed transmission and a tough motocross ready suspension.  Quick to catch on with the sports young racers, ‘Team Green’ soon started notching up wins in the BSMA’s national championships and went on to became part of Kawasaki’s most successful grass roots amateur motocross program in the sport’s history.  The KX80 was one of Kawasaki’s longest running model lines and was produced over two decades with several variants and models until it was superseded by the KX85 in 2000.

Leading axle front fork, trick tubular swing arm, laydown gas-oil shocks, front and side competition number mountings, plastic side covers, durable plastic mud guards, 1-gallon fuel tank, Mikuni Kogyo carburettor, reed valve induction, high level exhaust, CDI ignition, engine cut-out switch, fuel valve, side stand.

Finished in Kawasaki Lime Green, the appearance of this thoroughbred racer is superb.  This KX80-A1, was the very first edition of the model and built prior to the revised 1980 KX80 A2/B2, which although very similar in appearance, the 1979 bike retains the earlier Kawasaki tank decals and competition number mountings that were eventually deemed too small for FIM compliance.  The black full cradle frame with the almost unbreakable plastic mudguards are in excellent condition along with the correct Kawasaki decaIs on the side covers.  The KX marked seat and unworn grips are in remarkable condition and completes the package for this excellent, unmolested bike.  Delightful 1970’s Junior Motocross nostalgia!

The robust air-cooled 2-stroke engine has an 82cc displacement along with its proven reed-valve induction and electronic CD Ignition (CDI) to ensure maximum reliability and power.  The exclusive Kawasaki Electrofusion coating process to the lightweight cylinder head allows the dissipation of heat whilst retaining lubrication coupled with big oval-venturi Mikuni carburettor makes this 15hp @11000 rpm machine perform to its best.  It has a 5-speed gearbox with wet plate clutch and this bike starts and runs but has been on display, therefore recommissioning is recommended before use.

The factory alloy rims incorporating the weight saving conical hubs are in great condition and are wrapped in new Black Rock 90/100-14 rear and 70/100-17 front tyres for maximum grip and dirt churning ability!  Front and rear drum brakes combine to provide confident and controlled braking for the track.

Having earnt its long-due respect in the world of competition Motocross, the KX Series is instantly recognisable and the vibrant Lime Green bikes have become a familiar sight in grass-roots Motocross.  This 1979 KX80-A1 example, frame number A-008703 and the very first edition, remains standard as Kawasaki intended.  Having avoided the Junior Enduro hardship that befell many example, this bike has been preserved in amazing order and was in fact displayed in a pub games room for many years and flanked by a matching green 1980 KX80 and its big brother, an ultra-rare KX250-A4!  KGF Classic Cars are delighted to offer this machine to our ever-diverse portfolio of modern classic cars and motorcycles, ready for the next owner/collector to enjoy.  An unmissable opportunity to own a junior class championship winner.

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