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Vauxhall Victor FC 101 De Luxe

Vauxhall Victor FC 101 De Luxe

  • Sold
  • Year: 1967
  • Mileage: 42,424

Vauxhall Victor FC 101 De Luxe

  • Price: £7,695
  • Year: 1967
  • Mileage: 42,424

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A revered Vauxhall Victor FC 101 De Luxe with 42,424 miles and full history.

Space Curve Design four door sedan body, Magic Mirror acrylic lacquer paintwork, triple-nickel chromium bumpers and hub covers, body brightwork in stainless bright metal, De Luxe badges, rustless anodised aluminium radiator grille, zone-toughened windscreen, opening front quarter lights, anti-burst door locks, lockable fuel filler, underbody seal, individual front seats, door armrests, dual sun visors, figured walnut veneer to fascia, central glove compartment with lockable sliding door, fresh air heater, temperature gauge. Dealer accessories; Seat belts, exterior mirrors.

In the late 1960’s Vauxhall were keen to shout about their new Space Curve Design which was a feature of this 1967 Victor De Luxe finished in Oyster Grey. This amazing survivor is an unrestored example boasting largely factory paint credentials and the panels are straight boasting linear even shut lines. The paintwork has a lovely polished shine which has drawn much admiration at classic car shows and Vauxhall Victor Owners Club events for decades! The previous retired owner since 2013 has lavished much care and attention to preserve this example which does include some obvious touched in marks applied with the intention of preserving the car. The factory chrome shines beautifully with some age-related marks and the Griffin front wing emblems, rear wing Victor 101 badges and De Luxe boot plaque are all present. The underside has been protected and has survived remarkably thanks to conscientious owners who knew the fate of those cars that had not been cared for! A delightful classic Vauxhall from a bygone era and proven show circuit success!

The interior of this wonderful car is simply remarkable and remains in original condition. The Ambla upholstery in Casino Red has been preserved in amazing condition with no rips or tears whatsoever and the luscious red retains full deep colour. The matching door cards are in superb order as are the deep pile carpets and near perfect headlining. The brilliantly period and original fascia is overflowing with 1960’s nostalgia including the huge thin rimmed steering wheel with horn ring and the band speedometer. Unique to the De Luxe model was the walnut veneer panel trim which has some minor hairline cracks. The colossal luggage area still has the original black vinyl floor mat over the rock-solid boot floor and the vertically mounted spare wheel is present. Hugely nostalgic for anyone who experienced these cars when they were new and a wonderful insight for all to see just how simplistic motoring used to be!

The factory fitted 1595cc OHV four-cylinder engine with down-draught carburettor produces 76bhp at 4800rpm and 128Nm torque at 2600rpm. The crisp engine sings into life effortlessly and the driving experience is delightfully charming especially with the 3-speed all synchromesh column mounted gear selector, which once familiarised is very easy to use. With factory plates and stickers still intact, the engine bay is clean and has been hand painted in areas for protection. Hugely simple to maintain and with excellent parts availability, thanks partly to a very active club scene, this Victor is a perfect family classic.

The original steel wheels have been painted in body colour and still wear the stainless-steel full wheel covers which were again unique to the De Luxe model. The wheel covers are fully intact and in excellent condition and the matching premium brand Firestone 155/80 R13 tyres have plenty of tread. The rather antiquated 9in drum brakes all round with hydraulic service ‘umbrella’ handbrake is factory standard and the system is well maintained and in good working order.

Registered new by Vauxhall Main Dealers, K.J. Motors Ltd of Bromley, on the 8th March 1967, this superb example has covered just 42,424 verified miles with four traceable owners from new. The history file begins with the new car sales invoice and loan agreement made out to first owner, Mr Dyer, who paid £743.12 and also included is the original loan letter from United Dominions Trust (Commercial) Ltd. The first issue buff log book has been kept and also records this information accurately. Remarkably, Mr Dyer owned the car for over 20 years until in 1988 it was sold to the second keeper, Mr Hughes. Mr Hughes also owned the car for almost 20 years and in the 1990’s began showing the car at classic car shows and Vauxhall Victor Owners Club events, the car being known to them ever since. In 2009 Mr Maley became the third owner and continued to show the car at club events, as did the fourth and final owner, Mr Osborn, who purchased the car in 2013. Now in his senior years, Mr Osborn was still using the car for shows as recently as summer 2021 but has now made the difficult decision to sell and allow the next owner to enjoy.

The history file is quite incredible with every MOT certificate carried out since the very first in 1970! There is also a handwritten mileage log for each of the cars 54 years including the mileage covered by each owner! The original owner’s handbook is present along with the large file of maintenance and service invoices. There is a display board which mounts on the centre console and holds trophies and awards including 1st and 2nd place at Vauxhall Victors Owners Clubs judging events, the first place being awarded at Billing in 2016. Despite MOT exemption for many years, the previous owners have still taken the car for the MOT each year, a further assurance of dedicated ownership, and the next owner will certainly benefit from this well cared for Vauxhall Victor who will hopefully continue to show the car.

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