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Kawasaki KX250-A4

Kawasaki KX250-A4

  • Sold
  • Year: 1978
  • Mileage: 1,000

Kawasaki KX250-A4

  • Price: £
  • Year: 1978
  • Mileage: 1,000

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One of 1500, a 1978 Kawasaki KX250-A4 in tremendous condition.


In 1974, Kawasaki would make its most serious off-road commitment to date with the release of an all-new line of motorcycles designed solely for motocross racing – the KX. The first bikes from Kawasaki designed from the ground up to be serious motocross racers rather than just modified street bikes, the new KX was crafted from the beginning to do one thing, win Motocross races.  Having initially failed to gain traction either in the marketplace or the top of the 250 Motocross charts, all that changed in 1978 with the introduction of the first official ‘works replica’, the ultra-trick and lightweight KX250-A4.  Available in extremely limited numbers (an estimated 1500 total), the KX250 A-4 was more about Kawasaki’s renewed commitment to racing than selling big numbers.


Chrome moly-steel chassis, aluminium fuel tank, gold-anodized swingarm and wheel rims, long-travel suspension, KYB Kayaba carbon charged rear shocks, KYB Kayaba nitrogen charged front shocks, Mikuni Kogyo 38mm carburettor, Boyesen reed valve induction, engine stop switch, fuel shut off, handlebar crash pad, kick starter, competition number mountings.


Finished in the famous Kawasaki Lime Green, the appearance of this successful and iconic motorcycle is truly fantastic.  This collectable KX250-A4 variant, chassis number KX250A-000123 as clearly displayed on the stock stamping is confirmed as a 1978 model, complete with the rare aluminium fuel tank prior to the switch to plastic in 1979.  The factory finish gold-anodized swingarm matches the wheel rims and the chrome moly-steel chassis is excellent.  Factory stickers and stampings to the frame and original components are sure to please originality seekers, features lost on heavily used examples.  All trims pieces and rubbers are preserved in near perfect order and the seat is unworn.  A motocross legend, the bike that seated Kawasaki as a formidable force amongst the other Big Four manufacturers.


The robust piston-port air-cooled 2-stroke engine has a 249cc displacement with a Mikuni Kogyo 38mm carburettor and Boyesen reed valve induction.  Being completely standard with the correct factory exhaust, the maximum power of 40hp combined with the featherlight dry weight of just 206lbs, this bike was designed purely for the professional racer whereby incompetent riders failing to appreciate the physics of weight shifting could soon find themselves facing the sky!   It has a 5-speed gearbox with wet plate clutch and this bike starts and runs but has been on display, therefore recommissioning is recommended before use.  Tremendous fun complete with an ultra-raw two-stroke soundtrack, very loud!


This KX250-A4 rides on the original gold-anodized wheel rims which incredibly still have the factory finish and stickers displayed.  The wheels are in fantastic order and are shod in Magnum SX tyres of size 80/100 21 and 110/100 18 front and rear respectively.  The huge knobbly tyres are in excellent unworn condition and a warning against highway use serves as a reminder of this bikes competition bloodline.  Front and rear drum brakes with lightweight magnesium hubs as factory built are still fitted.


Having earnt its long-due respect in the world of competition Motocross, the KX series and in particular this KX250-A4 has gained legendary status.  The instantly recognisable, the vibrant Lime Green bikes became a familiar sight at the top of the Motocross charts, thanks only to Kawasaki’s clear and focused aim to build a winner!  This example, rare even when made was one of just 1500 machines build, with the chassis number KX250A-000123, making this bike number 123.  Reputedly yet unconfirmed officially, Kawasaki dealers were unable to meet demand with supply and not all dealers were able to get one.  Those who could are rumoured to have demanded a racing ‘resume’ from potential buyers, as these were not sold to any ‘normal punter’.  Having avoided the Enduro hardship that befell most of the 1500, this bike has been preserved in amazing order and was in fact displayed in a pub games room for many years and flanked by two matching green KX80’s and other memorabilia!  KGF Classic Cars are delighted to offer this machine to our ever-diverse portfolio of modern classic cars and motorcycles, ready for the next owner/collector to enjoy.

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