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Steve De’Ath

Operations Manager

Steve De’Ath began his love affair with cars and all things automotive, particularly classic cars, at a very young age. He says: “And that love has never left me. With strong family ties to Coventry, once the home of much of the British Motor Industry, it is almost as if motoring is in the blood!

Now a father himself, Steve has fond recollections of time with Dad: “I remember as a child the day my Dad bought a new Ford Cortina Ghia – it was the best day that year. After that, if Dad brought a van home from work, I would be straight out to play in it! Now retired, my Father, Frank, has his own classic cars to tinker with, holiday in and enjoy, a passion shared by the whole family.

“From only a year old, even my son Eddie seems to have caught the bug, always making a beeline for anything with wheels!”

Steve joined the KGF team in 2012, after meeting Karl when visiting the KGF Classic Cars site to look over a Mk1 Vauxhall Cavalier. He adds: “I ended up buying the car and getting a job, too.”

He is a perfect fit for the role, sharing the passion for classics. He comments: “My colleagues at KGF Classic Cars will often joke that I would walk straight past a Ferrari to look at an Austin Metro! My own pride and joy is a Rosso Red Ford Sierra 2.0GLSi that I use as often as possible in dry conditions – I just love the reaction it gets from people.

“It is fair to say that my real passion is with quirky classics, along with cars that were once just everyday vehicles – once a common sight, but now seldom seen. Seeing cherished and preserved cars always evokes fond nostalgia in me and there is the added benefit of occasionally being able to buy them from the long-term and sometimes even the original owner – their stories are really fascinating.”

Steve sums up his career since joining KGF: “I haven’t looked back and feel extremely lucky to be able to work with my dream cars while meeting all manner of interesting and like-minded customers. I am immensely proud of what we do here at KGF Classic Cars and the excellent reputation we have earned.”

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