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A utilitarian Citroen 2CV Type A, believed to be the oldest in the UK.
Full length rollback canvas roof, ammeter, headlamp adjustment control knob, pull electric starter, choke, A pillar mounted Jaeger speedometer with gear change markings, horn, one rear light,  speedometer driven wipers, scuttle ventilator.

Conceived by an extraordinary design brief by Citroen MD Pierre-Jules Boulanger in 1936 to enable four farmers / peasants to drive 50 kg of farm goods to market at 31mph in clogs and across muddy unpaved roads if necessary. The car would use no more than 3 litres of fuel to travel 100 km (78 mpg). Most famous, was the requirement be able to drive across a ploughed field while carrying eggs without breaking them!  The TPV (Toute Petite Voiture - Very Small Car) project was abandoned in September 1939 when the French government declared war on Germany.  Finally revealed in 1948 the Deux Chevaux was an instant commercial success with a five year waiting list and second hand Tin Snails costing more than new ones!

Truly astonishing and wonderfully simplistic this incredibly early first generation 2CV Type A has had a no expense spared restoration which can be seen from every angle.  From the convex swages of the ripple bonnet to the full rollback canvas roof extending to the rear bumper this car looks every bit the original masterpiece for future decades of 2CV production.  The one tail light and reflector harping back to a simpler motoring era designed for the masses and suicide doors enable easy access.  The grille logo comprising chevrons inside an oval again demonstrate a very early production model.  Structurally perfect and spotlessly clean but far short of modern day manufacturing excellence, this iconic 2CV is a collector’s trophy.

Utilitarian brilliance is demonstrated everywhere from the surprisingly comfortable seats with tubular steel frames and rubber band springing to the hand operated windscreen wipers!  The Jaeger speedometer and ammeter both still function and the extremely accurate rebuild also extends to materials used such as door and seat materials.  A correct rubber mat is easily lifted allowing all laid bare metal flooring to be visible thus revealing the quality workmanship below.  The rear houses a spare wheel, jack, starting handle and wooden block.  A most intelligent application of minimalism in car design.

The air-cooled, flat-twin, four-stroke, 375cc engine with pushrod operated overhead valves and a hemispherical combustion chamber is underpowered with this earliest model developing only 9bhp!  Designed by Walter Becchia it is incredibly light weight, simple and very durable and will eventually reach a top speed of 43mph.  The transmission is dash mounted and has recently been overhauled.

Correct grey steel wheels support expensive Michelin 125R 400 tyres all round.  The front inboard drum brakes and rear 180mm drums will improve with use.

Such is the historically important nature of this rare 1952 Citroen 2CV Type A that it was exhibited on the 2CVGB stand at the 2013 National Classic Car Show at the NEC Birmingham, believed to be the oldest example in the UK.  A Citroen Heritage certificate is included in the history file verifying this car to have been manufactured on the 8th February 1952 with chassis number 23735.  After fierce competition this sound original car was purchased by Alan Lloyd and formed part of the Alan Lloyd Citroen collection after a detailed authentic restoration totalling over £20,000.  An A4 folder full of documentation and photographs is included. An iconic, rare and very sought after 2CV.

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Citroen 2CV Type A



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