About us

KGF Classic Cars was formed by the owner’s desire to pass on the enjoyment of amazingly original, modern classic cars and the pleasure these vehicles offer to their appreciative owners.

The eldest son of Italian-born parents – whose families came to the Cambridgeshire Fens after WWII to make bricks for new housing – Karl Fasulo grew up in the 70s and 80s when there were fewer cars on the roads.

His appreciation of beautiful motors began when his engineer father, Sav, bought the red Mercedes you can see in the logo above, and pictured right, as a weekend car back in 1985. That same Mercedes is still well-loved and driven regularly by Karl.

After a successful career spanning two decades selling and managing premium vehicles for dealerships in London and Cambridgeshire, Karl decided to set up KGF Classic Cars, to source original, modern classic cars and share them with like-minded knights of the road.

He says: “As a kid, I would squeeze in the back of our lovely red Mercedes with my brother and sister (seatbelts were not mandatory at that time!) – Mum and Dad in the front and all of us enjoying the outing. I would gaze out at other cars and my brother and I would shout out all the makes and models of the ones going by!

“With encouragement from my father, I entered the world of classic cars at 15, when I saved up and bought a 1964 Riley Elf Mk 2.  This car was cleaned and polished every weekend until I was 17 when I threw away my L-plates and took to the road.  My interest never subsided, even during my career at BMW – to the point where driving these older cars gave me more pleasure than the modern offerings. Perhaps it is just happy childhood memories, but there is something about those classics which draws me back to them every time . . .”

He added: “I consider it a privilege to meet and do business with people who love them as much as I do. So, whether you are buying or selling – or just browsing (taking a spin down memory lane, perhaps!) I hope you enjoy this website.”

All the vehicles offered by KGF Classic Cars are personally checked, meticulously inspected and driven by us to ensure they meet the incredibly high standards that are becoming very hard to find. The cars are eventually selected with the ultimate aim of providing the new owner with the best possible experience of that model, whatever it may be.